Dear Father Christmas

This year I've been a good girl, therefore I want one of these. Okay! It's just a Kindlezinha 2.
No further matter for now

Best Regards

[Good Bibendem]

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m.a.r.o. disse...

I've been a good boy this year!
She doesn't deserve it. Please, give it to me instead.

(Maybe i'll give it to you next year...)

Bibendum disse...

Father Cristmas please don’t belive M.A.R.O’s request, I’m sure I deserve it more.

Saint Bibendum

[M.A.R.O: Not fair... I've been a saint this year. Don’t persuade Father Christmas. Now then... Humpf :( He knows what you did last summer :p lol]

m.a.r.o. disse...

Dear Father Christmas, she's not the angel she appears. The Bibendum is the devil trying you to fall for temptation. Pay no attention to what she says, much less to the external beauty she shows. The gifts are for those who deserve... she should be punished...

m.a.r.o. disse...

Dear Santa, I also wanted one for me. Sorry!
Bibendum is a good girl and all that I said were lies.:(

Lovely Bibendum, can i use it? Just once?

Thank you

Bibendum disse...

See Santa I told you so. He’s being naughty to me. M.A.R.O just confessed all he’s lies… What a bad boy. Humpf. :p

But as i’m such a good and lovely Bibendum, maybe i’ll let you borrow it, but just for a little bit. ;)

Your very well come ;P

m.a.r.o. disse...

Bibendum, the Father Christmas is my friend, and asked me to tell you, that you might deserve the gift, even after what you did last summer ...
He also said that you are a temptation ...

with sincere yellow smile

Bibendum disse...

Ufas… Well done M.A.R.O. Gosh, why haven´t you said so earlier! I would have asked you to speak with your Daddy Santa earlier ;p [Just in case]

Thank God, he’s willing to forget my behavior and bad manners last summer, other wise: NO PRESENTE FOR THIS GIRL!!! LOL :p

Now that’s more likely… Tempting-appeal, is my middle name ;p lol
You bet. [Thanks Santa ;) ]

Best Yellow Regards