Le Fabuleux Destin

"After all these years, the only character I cannot understand is the girl holding the glass of water. She is in the center but somehow she's outside." (the 'glass' man)
"Maybe she's just different." (Amelie)
"Ah? In what way?" (the 'glass' man)
"I don't know." (Amelie)
You know, the girl with the glass of water? If she seems out of place, maybe it's because she's thinking of someone." (Amelie)
"Someone in the painting?" (the 'glass man')

"No, of a boy she saw somewhere else. She feels like they've a lot in common." (Amelie) "In other words, she prefers to imagine a relationship with someone who is not there rather than to tie real bounds with people around her." (the 'glass man)

My dear Amelie, you don't have bones fragile like glass. You can throw yourself against real life. If you do not seize this opportunity, then after a while, your heart will become as dry and breakable as my bones. So go ahead, dammit!" (the 'glass man')"

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PKB disse...

Adoro este filme e adoro as citações no original =))) Mas esta tradução está muito boa!

Beijinhos e obrigada por esta partilha fabulosa!

Anónimo disse...

adorei ler (a chorar).... obrigada!

no Blog certo, no momento exacto :)

ass: Annie